Knockaround Guys


Matty Demaret is the son of Mafia boss Benny Chains. Never having been cut out for the family business, he feels there is unfortunately no legitimate place in society for a mobster's son. Still Benny decides, against his better judgement, to let Matty and his pals take a bag of money from Montana to New York for a drop. When Matty's buddy, Johnny Marbles, loses the cash to a pair of teenage stoners, the tiny Montana town is in for trouble. The locals don't take kindly to this group of Brooklyn deviants, forcing the young men to come face to face with the betrayal and violence that is their birthright.


John Malkovich - (Teddy Deserve)
Dennis Hopper - (Benny 'Chains' Demaret)
Vin Diesel - (Taylor Reese)
Barry Pepper - (Matty Demaret)
Seth Green - (Johnny Marbles)

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