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DVD Review: 'The Last Godfather'

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In 1951, Don Carini, the Mafia's most powerful Godfather, gathers his followers to announce the heir to the family. Each expects to be crowned the next Don, but they hear a shocking story. During his travels in Asia, Don Carini fell in love with an Asian woman who bore him a son. His now adult son, Young-gu, is anointed the next boss. Bonfante, the betrayer in the outfit, wants Young-gu out, and with his minions, relentlessly tries to sabotage his training and take out the aging Don. Will Young-gu overcome each obstacle and rise to become the syndicate's next Godfather?


Harvey Keitel - (Don Carini)
Jason Mewes
Hyung-rae Shim - (Young-gu)
Jon Polito - (Bonfante)
Michael Rispoli

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