Last Goodbye

Running Time: 94 mins.
Genre: Drama


A hot summer day in Atlanta is the backdrop for the interweaving lives of a famous TV actress, a rock band, a lonely nobody, a young girl and her father. Roland's alcoholic visions push him towards Jen, an ingénue who has runaway from home and longs for the singer of the band, Peter. Hypnotic Peter and his band mate Seymour struggle for the attention of Agnes, a hot young actress on a Vampire TV show, "Southern Gothic," who has a hidden connection to Roland. As the day unfolds a delusional bible salesman and a pretentious film director become guides in revealing the true nature of these relationships. Told through the hallucinations of alcoholism, the bravado of the band's music, ...

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Faye Dunaway

Clementine Ford

Liam O'Neill

Alex Quinn

Dominik Garcia-Lorido

Maggie Blye

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