Life of Pi


Release Date: November 21, 2012
Running Time: 126 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG
Box Office: $124,985,001.00
Genre: Adaptation, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy


A Montreal writer in search of his next project happens across the incredible story of Piscine Militor Patel. Pi was born in Pondicherry, India in the 1970s and spends his days among tigers, zebras, hippos, and other exotic creatures at the zoo his father owns. He develops his own theories about faith, belief and human (and animal) nature - but after Pi attempts to befriend a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, the young boy learns a harsh lesson about the relationship between human and beast. When Pi is 17, his parents decide that the family must emigrate to Canada to find a better life and board a cargo ship with all their belongings - including some animals from the zoo. Late in the night...

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Suraj Sharma

Gérard Depardieu

Irrfan Khan

Rafe Spall

James Saito

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