London Boulevard


Release Date: November 11, 2011
Running Time: 104 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $10,484.00
Genre: Action, Adaptation, Crime, Drama


After three years behind bars, Mitchel emerges from Pentonville Prison with good intentions. But when his old friend Billy, a low-level gangster who's looking for backup on a job, meets him upon release, Mitchel joins him in exchange for a place to live. While entangled in the past, Mitchel becomes involved with Charlotte, a movie star holed up in a Holland Park mansion hiding from the paparazzi. Touched by her beauty and vulnerability, he quickly falls into the role of protector, fending off aggressive reporters and stalkers, as well as Billy's ploy to rob the house of its expensive art and vintage cars. As the attraction between them grows and their relationship deepens, Mitchel and Charl...

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Colin Farrell

Keira Knightley

David Thewlis

Ben Chaplin

Anna Friel

Ray Winstone

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