Nine Months


Hugh Grant Regrets Making 'Nine Months'

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Samuel and Rebecca have it all. During their near-perfect, five-year relationship, they've seen their careers thrive; experienced countless nights of passion in their wonderful San Francisco home; and had the freedom to take off on romantic weekends at whim. And then one day they receive a little surprise... one that will catapult their life of Perfect Order into one of Utter Chaos: Rebecca is pregnant, and Samuel's life will never be the same. His frenetic new existence begins with an unlikely friendship with a couple of well-meaning, but overbearing parents, Marty and Gail. Then, there's Rebecca's first appointment with a friendly but somewhat nervous Russian physician--whose only previous... Full Summary >>


Hugh Grant - (Samuel Faulkner)
Julianne Moore - (Rebecca Taylor)
Tom Arnold - (Marty Dwyer)
Joan Cusack - (Gail Dwyer)
Jeff Goldblum - (Sean Fletcher)

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