Nu Shuai Nan Bing

Running Time: 94 mins.
Genre: Drama, Sports


Despite having recruited some star players for the new season, the Beidou men's basketball team finds winning just as hard as before. The dismal results finally lead to head coach Tianye's resignation. The man club general manager Zhang Ting names to fill the job turns out to be... a woman. Zhang surprises everyone by hiring Wen Jie, the former star of the Chinese Women's Basketball Team. Her appointment generates opposition from many quarters, including that of Yao Yuan, Beidou's star player. Even Wen Jie's own boyfriend Gao Dongfang is opposed to her accepting the job. But Wen Jie perseveres. She works hard at improving the club's tactics and develops a new team spirit. Eventually her effo...

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Jiang Wenli

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