Release Date: August 31, 2001
Running Time: 91 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $16,017,403.00
Genre: Adaptation, Drama


Deep in the American South, NBA hopeful Odin James is the only black student at an elite private school. Playing point guard, Odin is a basketball scout's dream, possessing the talent to go straight from high school to the pros. Odin not only enjoys widespread popularity with the students, he is dating the beautiful Desi Brable, daughter of Dean Brable. Odin's best friend, Hugo Goulding, is a starting forward on the basketball team and the son of Coach Duke Goulding. Hugo is bitterly envious of Odin and the attention he receives from the coach and everyone else. Placed in the role of Odin's confidante, Hugo is, in reality, seeking to destroy his friend. Striking at the very core of Odin's so...

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Mekhi Phifer

Martin Sheen

Josh Hartnett

Julia Stiles

Andrew Keegan

Rain Phoenix

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