Object of My Affection


Release Date: April 17, 1998
Running Time: 112 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $29,106,737.00
Genre: Adaptation, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Romantic Comedy


Nina is the stepsister of the wife of a successful literary agent. While at a dinner party hosted by the former, she inadvertently informs an acquaintance, George, that his lover, Robert, is dumping him. After the inevitable confrontation, George takes up Nina's invitation to stay at her place until things cool down. George initially serves a purpose by helping to keep Nina's overbearing boyfriend, Vince, at a distance. What Nina and George don't count on is falling into a type of love. Things are rosy until Nina tells George she is pregnant with Vince's baby. Unable to tell the father, she asks George to stay on to raise the child in place of the real father, Vince.


Jennifer Aniston

Paul Rudd

John Pankow

Alan Alda

Tim Daly

Nigel Hawthorne

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