Pavilion of Women


Release Date: May 04, 2001
Running Time: 116 mins.(V)
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $35,938.00
Genre: Adaptation, Drama, Period, Romance


China, 1938: Intelligent and well-read, Madam Wu is the envy of all who know her. The Wu family is the richest and most powerful family in her town. Servants tend to her every need, her house and clothes are gorgeous, and she is as beautiful and serene as a traditional wife could want to be. Yet as the town celebrates her 40th birthday, Madame Wu scandalizes the gathering by announcing she will arrange for a much younger woman to be her husband's concubine, thereby ending her conjugal relationship with him. Her decision throws the family--one of the oldest in China--into an uproar, but she manages the transition as she does everything else in the extended family of over sixty relatives. Alon...

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Willem Dafoe

John Cho

Amy Hill

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