Play It To The Bone


Release Date: December 25, 1999
Running Time: 124 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $8,427,204.00
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sports


Best friends and professional boxing rivals Vince Boudreau and Cesar Dominguez haven't worked for years. Finally, from out of the blue, they get a chance of a lifetime: an assignment to work together in Vegas. The job promises big money, but there's a hitch: they have to be there NOW. They quickly hit he road with Grace Pasic at the wheel, embarking on a circuitous route through the sizzling desert. Sparks fly as the competitive Vince and Caesar antagonize each other to a frenzy matched only by Grace's combative temper. The going gets rough as they pick up sultry hitchhiker Lia, whose presence throws the trio into further upheaval. A riotous race ensues as Vince and Caesar scramble to make i...

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Antonio Banderas

Woody Harrelson

Lolita Davidovich

Tom Sizemore

Lucy Liu

Robert Wagner

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