Pontiac Moon


Release Date: November 04, 1994
Running Time: 108 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Box Office: $10,437.00
Genre: Comedy, Drama


An eccentric science teacher lives with his wife, who hasn't left their house in seven years, and an eleven-year-old son who dreams of rockets but has never even taken a ride in a car. Inspired by the Apollo XI astronauts, who are about to make their historic landing on the moon, the father realizes it is time for his family to break free of their inhibitions and make life a bold, new and thrilling adventure. With barely four days before the astronauts touch down on the lunar surface, he sets out with his son on a grand adventure--to match the mileage on his beloved 1949 Pontiac Chief with the distance between the Earth and moon.


Ted Danson

Mary Steenburgen

Cathy Moriarty

Max Gail

John Schuck

Don Swayze

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