Possible Worlds


Release Date: November 03, 2000
Running Time: 92 mins.
Box Office: $44,309.00
Genre: Adaptation, Mystery, Sci-Fi


George Barber is, if nothing else, dead - of gruesome, unnatural causes. While police detective Berkley and his assistant Williams set out to unravel the mystery, we glimpse various permutations of George's lives and relationships with Joyce. As George puts it, "Each of us exists in an infinite number of possible worlds." For George, existence is comprised of simultaneous dimensions. In one of these countless parallel universes, George and Joyce grew up in the same small, northern town; they've been married most of their lives. In another, they meet as strangers and have a casual affair. In yet another world, Joyce has never before in her life seen George. Looming behind these real...

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Tilda Swinton

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