Release Date: May 23, 2008
Running Time: 99 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Genre: Action, Adaptation, Comedy, Horror, Satire


Follows two days in the life of the Postal Dude, in the regrettably named town of Paradise. Just when he thinks he has hit rock bottom, things get worse. Sharing a trailer with his ever-expanding wife, Bitch, Dude is in a bad way. After a humiliating job interview and a nearly lethal trip to the welfare office, Dude finds himself on the doorstep of his Uncle Dave. Despite being the successful leader of the town cult, Dave is also finding himself in financial difficulties. Together, Dude and Dave hatch a plan to steal some valuable merchandise. Unfortunately for them, the much better organized and much better equipped Taliban has converged on Paradise for more sinister reasons. Things s...

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Gary Coleman

Ron Perlman

William Sanderson

Seymour Cassel

J.K. Simmons

Verne Troyer

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