Richie Rich's Christmas Wish


Running Time: 85 mins.
MPAA Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Sequel


A sequel to the theatrical film "Richie Rich," about the wealthiest 12-year-old boy in the world. Richie Rich wishes he had never been born when his nasty cousin Reggie Van Dough destroys the neighborhood and loses a sleigh full of Christmas gifts meant for local orphans. Professor Keenbean invents a wishing machine that transports Richie to an alternative universe where, since Richie was never born, cousin Reggie rules with an iron fist, Richie's valet Cadbury is a roadie, his robot-servant Irona is a cyborg and Richie's dog Dollar is forlorn. Richie must race against time to return to reality and save Christmas.


David Gallagher

Martin Mull

Lesley Ann Warren

Eugene Levy

Jake Richardson

Marla Maples

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