Santa with Muscles


Release Date: November 08, 1996
Running Time: 97 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG
Box Office: $219,342.00
Genre: Action, Adaptation, Adventure, Comedy


Once quaint and charming, Springfield, California has fallen on hard times. Now plagued by crime and vandalism, the town has slowly begun to deteriorate, and the St. Bartholomew Mission--the heart and soul of Springfield--is in danger of being shut down for good. Only a miracle could save it. With Christmas only days away, a miracle arrives in the unlikely form of Blake Thorne. Through a wild series of events, Blake, who is a rude, selfish billionaire, comes to believe that he is Santa... THE Santa Claus. When the townspeople begin to rally behind him, it looks as if the Mission might be saved. But the treacherous Ebner Frost has his own diabolical plans for the Mission and will stop at noth...

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Hulk Hogan

Don Stark

Garrett Morris

Adam Wylie

Mila Kunis

Clint Howard

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