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Eleven-year-old Toe Thompson is the designated punching bag for the bullies of the suburban community of Black Falls, where his and everyone else's parents work for Black Box Industries, makers of the do-it-all gadget that's sweeping the nation. But during a freak storm, a mysterious Rainbow Rock, which grants wishes to anyone who finds it, falls from the sky. Suddenly, the neighborhood that Toe already thinks is weird is about to get a lot weirder. As the Rainbow Rock ricochets around the town--from kid to kid and parent to parent--wishes-come-true quickly turn the neighborhood upside down in a wild rampage of everything from tiny aliens to giant boogers. Told through a series of shorts tha... Full Summary >>


Jimmy Bennett - (Toe Thompson)
Jake Short - (Nose Noseworthy)
Kat Dennings - (Stacey Thompson)
Devon Gearhart - (Cole Black)
Jolie Vanier - (Helvetica Black)

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