Singin' In the Rain


Release Date: April 01, 1952
Running Time: 103 mins.
Box Office: $23,894.00
Genre: Comedy, Musical, Period


In 1927, dashing actor Don Lockwood and blonde bombshell Lina Lamont are one of Hollywood's favorite romantic teams, though Lina mistakenly believes that their on-screen love is for real. Don and his less famous partner Cosmo have worked their way to the top the hard way, through vaudeville, stunt work etc. When "The Jazz Player" arrives and sound changes everything in the movie business, Don is ready. Not so Lina, whose shrill voice makes a mockery of the musical that their new film has been made into, despite the best efforts of a voice coach. Aspiring actress Kathy Selden saves the film by dubbing Lina's voice, but Don is in trouble when he starts to fall in love with her.

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Gene Kelly

Donald O'Connor

Debbie Reynolds

Jean Hagen

Cyd Charisse

Rita Moreno

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