Sleepless in Seattle


Release Date: June 25, 1993
Running Time: 105 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG
Box Office: $125,636,987.00
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy


It's Christmas Eve and radio talk show psychologist Marcia Fieldstone has asked her listening audience what they are wishing and dreaming of during this season of hope. A little boy, who is tuned in from Seattle calls in his wish, a new wife for his father who has been widowed for a year and a half. Meanwhile, all the way across the country, punching buttons on her car radio as she drives from Baltimore to Washington, D.C., Annie Reed hears Jonah and is immediately captivated by him and his selfless Christmas wish. Jonah and his dad are immediately besieged by countless letters from listeners reaching out to help, including thousands of marriage proposals from women across the country. Meanw...

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Tom Hanks

Meg Ryan

Bill Pullman

Rosie O'Donnell

Rob Reiner

Rita Wilson

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