Something to Talk About


Release Date: August 04, 1995
Running Time: 105 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $49,689,080.00
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance


Grace King Bichon has the perfect life... Or at least that's what she's always thought--until she sees her husband giving an unknown young woman a passionate kiss on his lunch hour. Then, suddenly, everything about her picture-perfect existence begins to look very different to her. She reconsiders her traditional Southern-gentry family--her strong-willed father, Wyly King, who has built a horse-breeding empire by making sure his word is law--her gracious, genteel mother, Georgia, who has quietly acquiesed to Wyly's will for decades--her feisty sister, Emma Rae, who's the one person in the family who sees things as they really are--her young daughter, Caroline, already an expert horsewoman, b...

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Julia Roberts

Dennis Quaid

Robert Duvall

Rob Carliner

Gena Rowlands

Kyra Sedgwick

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