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Police officer Amadeus Warnebring was born into a musical family with a long history of famous musicians and he hates music. Now, Warnebring is about to face the most difficult case of his career. A group of six eccentric drummers, led by revolutionary genius Sanna, has decided to launch a full-scale musical attack using the city as their instrument. Their musical terrorism leads to chaos and disorder. As Warnebring hunts for these serial musicians, he discovers the woman he is in love with is the leader of the group. Warnebring is left with no choice but to enter the world he has spent his entire life fleeing--the world of rhythm and music.


Bengt Nilsson - (Amadeus Warnebring)
Sanna Persson - (Sanna)
Magnus Borjeson - (Magnus)
Johannes Bjork - (Johannes)
Fredrik Myhre - (Myran)

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