Steal Me


Release Date: September 09, 2005
Running Time: 95 mins.
Genre: Drama, Family


A 15-year-old kleptomaniac, Jake, arrives in a small Montana town searching for his prostitute mother. In the course of Jake's troubled search for his mother, he befriends Tucker, a corn-fed local boy who catches Jake red-handed stealing the radio right out of his truck. After a foot chase and a brief scuffle, the boys ultimately become friends, discovering that each has something the other wants--Jake has a quiet mystery and total freedom, while Tucker has stability and a happy home. At first, Jake brings Tucker out of his shell, convincing him to pursue his longtime crush, the sexually wise, Lily Rose. However, when Tucker's family nervously takes Jake in and he begins to become deeply in...

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Hunter Parrish

Cara Seymour

John Terry

Paz De La Huerta

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