Still Crazy


Release Date: December 11, 1998
Running Time: 95 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $477,903.00
Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance, Romantic Comedy


Twenty years after Strange Fruit's highly publicized breakup in 1978 at the Wisbech open-air festival, the band--keyboardist Tony, who was working as a condom salesman in Ibiza; bassist Les, now a roofer in the frozen North of England; drummer Beano, leading a reclusive existence in his mother's garden; ultra-vain lead singer Ray, living beyound his means with his second Swedish wife; and Brian the fragile lead guitarist who is currently MIA--has been persuaded to get back together for a reunion concert, Wisbech 1998. "Still Crazy" charts their increasingly desperate efforts to recapture the magic, the music, the lost opportunities and the missed performances of their prime.


Stephen Rea

Billy Connolly

Timothy Spall

Bill Nighy

Juliet Aubrey

Rachael Stirling

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