The Avengers


Release Date: August 14, 1998
Running Time: 89 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Box Office: $23,385,416.00
Genre: Action, Adaptation, Adventure, Comedy, Nature, Spy, Thriller


Mrs. Emma Peel and John Steed are spies who work for the secret branch of the British government called The Ministry. They are called in to investigate Prospero, a plot to blackmail Britain by controlling the weather. Emma Peel is suspected of being involved but it is discovered that she has a double who works for the real baddie, Sir August de Wynter. He threatens to freeze Britain, at one point unleashing a blizzard on Trafalgar Square.


Ralph Fiennes

Uma Thurman

Sean Connery

Jim Broadbent

Fiona Shaw

Eddie Izzard

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