The Blue Bird


Running Time: 100 mins.
MPAA Rating: G
Genre: Adaptation, Fantasy


The Queen of Light leads two peasant children, brother and sister Mytyl and Tyltyl, on a quest for the Blue Bird of Happiness. She provides them with a hat that has a magic diamond which gives them the power to draw out the souls of all things, animate and inanimate. So on their way, they are accompanied by the personifications of a cat, a dog, water, bread, sugar, fire, and others. Mytyl and Tyltyl visit kingdoms of the past and future, learning and becoming more wise with each visit. And finally, they learn that the blue bird that they have been looking for was in their own backyard the whole time.


Elizabeth Taylor

Jane Fonda

Ava Gardner

Cicely Tyson

Harry Andrews

Patsy Kensit-Healy

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