The Bodyguard 2


Khamlao is working undercover as a cowboy go-go dancer in a Bangkok gay disco, which is a front for an arms dealer. In between his Secret Service gigs he is henpecked by his horny hairdresser wife who's oblivious to his policing activities. Khamlao is then drafted by the Secret Service to infiltrate a record company that also deals in warhead trafficking. He must pose as a wannabe singer and soon becomes the nation's favorite pop star with chart-topping hits about how ugly his wife is. VJ-cum-CIA agent Paula teams up with Khamlao to defeat the arms dealers.


Petchtai Wongkamlao - (Khamlao)
Janet Kaew - (Khamlao's Wife)
Jacquelyn Apitananon - (Paula)
Suchin - (Suchin)
Sombatjoroen - (Surachai)

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