The City of Lost Souls


Release Date: August 09, 2002
Running Time: 100 mins.
Genre: Action


Hot-headed Mario is a Japanese-Brazilian fighting to save his true love, Chinese hairdresser Kei. After he stages a daring helicopter and machine gun rescue to prevent her deportation, the two hide out in the back alleys of Tokyo's cultural and criminal melting pot, Shinjuku. They plot for freedom under the protection of the ragtag Brazilian immigrant community, but need money for passports and bribes in order to stow away on a ship promising freedom. Ambushing a deal between the Yakuza and Triads garners them a suitcase of cocaine rather than cash. Now they have a massive gangwar on their hands, bringing bloodshed into their insulated, family-like neighbourhood, and their dream of escape tu...

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Patricia Manterola

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