The Collective

Running Time: 83 mins.
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller


In New York City, knowing what to believe is never easy. When Tyler Clarke receives a cryptic voicemail from her sister, she is left with no choice but to fly across the country to find out what has happened. But when she arrives, Jessica is nowhere to be found. Alone in an unfamiliar city, surrounded by strangers, Tyler has no choice but to trust the people who call themselves Jessica's new friends. She eventually discovers that her sister has given up the life she was living to join a group that call themselves "The Collective." And now, in order to discover the truth, Tyler must delve into a world of darkness and lies, the underbelly of this spiritually depraved community living...

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Kelly Overton

Laura Allen

Shane McRae

Wynn Everett

Donnie Keshawarz

Kelly Overton

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