The Deep End of the Ocean

Beth Cappadora is like most mothers--loving, devoted and occasionally overwhelmed by the demands of caring for her family and maintaining a successful career as a photographer. With her small three children in tow, she arrives at a hotel for her 15th high school reunion weekend. In the middle of the crowded lobby, she looks away for a moment--and in that moment her three-year-old son Ben disappears. A frantic search turns up nothing; he has vanished in the blink of an eye, seemingly without a trace. As hours turn into days, days into months, Ben's disappearance has a devastating effect on Beth's ability to cope, creating tensions between her and her husband Pat as well as her son, Vincent. T... Full Summary >>


Michelle Pfeiffer - (Beth Cappadora)
Treat Williams - (Pat Cappadora)
Whoopi Goldberg - (Candy Bliss)
Jonathan Jackson - (Vincent--Age 16)
Cory Buck - (Vincent--Age 7)

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