The Front

During the McCarthy era of the 1950s, Howard Prince is working as a cashier in a bar and struggling to supplement his income by with a side job as a bookie. His old friend Alfred Miller is a successful television writer whose leftist political views have caused him to be blacklisted and he cannot work. Alfred asks Howard to be his "front," to put his name on Alfred's scripts and sell them, for which he will receive part of the payment. Howard's "writing" is a hit, and before long he is fronting for several blacklisted writers. Now Howard is enjoying a healthy income and the reputation of TV's newest success. But a comic named Hecky Brown, who had a brief interest in socialism at one time, ha... Full Summary >>


Woody Allen - (Howard Prince)
Zero Mostel - (Hecky Brown)
Herschel Bernardi - (Phil Sussman)
Michael Murphy - (Alfred Miller)
Andrea Marcovicci - (Florence Barrett)

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