The House of Mirth


Release Date: December 22, 2000
Running Time: 140 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG
Box Office: $3,041,803.00
Genre: Adaptation, Drama, Period


In 1908, Lily Bart is a ravishing New York socialite at the height of her success who quickly discovers the precariousness of her position when her beauty and charm start to attract unwelcome interest and jealousy. Torn between her heart and her head, Lily always seems to do the right thing at the wrong time. She seeks a wealthy husband and in trying to conform to social expectations, she misses her chance for real love with Lawrence Selden. Her quest for a husband comes to a scandalous end when she is falsely accused of having an affair with a married man and is rejected by society and her friends.


Gillian Anderson

Dan Aykroyd

Eleanor Bron

Terry Kinney

Anthony LaPaglia

Laura Linney

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