The Ring


A strange video begins to circulate among high school teenagers. When you watch the tape, a ghostly figure appears, points her finger at you, and then the phone will ring, signalling your death in one week. When her niece is killed in a car accident, reporter Reiko Asakawa begins an investigation that leads to her own viewing of the tape. Knowing she has only a week left to live, Reiko enlists the aid of her ex-husband in tracking down the origin of the fatal videotape.


Nanako Matsushima - (Reiko Asakawa)
Miki Nakatani - (Mai Takano)
Hiroyuki Sanada - (Ryuji Takayama)
Yuko Takeuchi - (Tomoko Oishi)
Hitomi Sato - (Masami Kurahashi)

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