Release Date: October 06, 2000
Running Time: 109 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $139,500.00
Genre: Drama, Period


In the 1971, at an Army training camp in Louisiana, Roland Bozz, a rebellious yet promising young recruit just released from the base stockade, seeks to avoid a trip to Vietnam and attempts to convince all the other draftees in his company to follow his lead in getting themselves ejected from the Army. But nothing Bozz does can save himself or the others, including Paxton, a writer in the making, or the ambitious Miter and pugilistic Wilson, from Tigerland, a tractless wilderness designated by the army for jungle combat simulation and their last stop before the war zone.


Colin Farrell

Matthew Davis

Clifton Collins

Shea Whigham

Nick Searcy

Matt Gerald

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