Trick or Treat


Release Date: October 24, 1986
Running Time: 97 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $6,310,477.00
Genre: Comedy, Horror


High school loner Eddie Weinbauer writes a letter to his idol, heavy metal rocker Sammi Curr, but before he can mail the letter, Eddie learns that Sammi has been killed in a hotel fire. Devastated, Eddie goes to see a disc jockey who knew Sammi, and he gives Eddie the only copy of Sammi's last, unreleased album. Looking for hidden lyrics, Eddie plays the record backwards and hears Sammi instructing him to get revenge on the bullies who are harrassing him. When the revenge escalates to a murder plot, Eddie tries to cut off his contact with Sammi, but then spills soda on the record which releases the dead rocker. Now adversaries, Eddie begins to try to stop the murderous musician before he car...

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Doug Savant

Elaine Joyce

Ozzy Osbourne

Gene Simmons

Glen Morgan

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