The Truth About Charlie

Regina ('Reggie') Lambert meets the charming Joshua Peters while vacationing in Martinique, just as she contemplates ending her whirlwind marriage to the enigmatic Charlie. But upon her return to Paris, she finds that both her apartment and her bank account have been emptied and that her husband has been mysteriously murdered. A trio of his old cohorts has begun shadowing her in hopes of answering their own questions about Charlie. Joshua is in Paris now, too and is ready to offer any help he can. However, the more Reggie learns the more she must find out to fill in the missing pieces of this puzzle and to protect herself from ever-increasing danger. Joshua lays a growing claim on her affect... Full Summary >>


Mark Wahlberg - (Joshua Peters)
Thandie Newton - (Regina Lambert)
Tim Robbins - (Mr Bartholomew)
Joong-Hoon Park - (Il-Sang Lee)
Ted Levine - (Emil Zadapec)

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