Virtual Sexuality


Release Date: December 03, 1999
Running Time: 93 mins.(V)
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $43,865.00
Genre: Adaptation, Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy


Justine is a 17-year-old virgin eager to lose her virginity to high school stud Alex. When her nerdy friend Chas drags her to a virtual reality computer exhibition, Justine comes across Narcissus -- a computerized makeover machine. While playfully creating her ideal self onscreen, Justine decides that it may be more productive to invent the ideal man for herself. But before she gets a chance to complete him, the exhibit's power supply short circuits, Narcissus blows up, and, out of the ruins, emerges a blonde male hunk with a personality that Justine instantly falls in love with -- her own.


Laura Fraser

Rupert Penry Jones

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