Wassup Rockers


Release Date: June 23, 2006
Running Time: 99 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Box Office: $221,415.00
Genre: Drama, Sports, Urban


A tale that follows the real-life experiences of a group of South Central, Latino teens who ride skateboards, wear tight clothes and listen to punk rock instead of conforming to the rules of their gang-infested neighborhood's hip-hop culture. Constantly harassed, they take buses to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Hollywood, where they skate and catch the attention of the local rich girls--fascinated with their style. This inevitably leads to trouble with parents, police and boyfriends--mayhem ensues and their afternoon odyssey begins. Chased by the police and targeted by residents, the boys must find a way to escape and return to the 'relative' safety of South Central.


Carlos Ramirez

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Wassup Rockers - Clip #1

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