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Guilherme Boratto Born: NULL
Birth Place: São Paulo, Brazil
Died: NULL
Years Active: 2004 – Present

Gui Boratto (born 1974 in São Paulo) is a Brazilian electronic music producer. He started his career working in the Publicity sector in 1989. His album ''Chromophobia'' was awarded the title of Mixmag Album of the Month. Regarding why he chose the name Chromophobia, Boratto said: "The same meaning as monochromatism in architecture, which means simplicity. That’s all. I don’t have a morbid fear of colors at all. But also, I was ironic. My music is really colorful." On stage, Gui uses a laptop equipped with Ableton Live, a JazzMutant Lemur, a monome and an Evolution Uc33e. He sometimes invites a guitar player to join him.

Popular Music:

Take Control

Flying Practice (The Remixes) - Single

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