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Genres: Alternative/Indie, Children's, Electronica/Dance, Pop, Rap/Hip Hop, Rock

The Bumblebeez (for a period known as Bumblebeez 81) is an Australian band, formed in 2003. Their first US release was titled ''The Printz'', although this is simply a compilation comprising all the tracks from their first two Australian EPs, ''The White Printz'' and ''The Red Printz'' (known to fans as the Printz saga). Their first proper debut album was ''Prince Umberto & The Sister Of Ill'', released in 2007.


Freak Ya Loneliness

Red Printz EP

Dr Love

Black Dirt

Next To You (Feat. Maria)

Summer Bum

World Wild Web Remixez

I'M A Cowboi

Prince Umberto And The Sister Of Ill

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