Birth Place: Denton, Texas, United States
Died: NULL
Years Active: 1995–present

Centro-Matic is a rock band based in Denton, Texas. It started in 1995 as a side-project for Will Johnson. It released a few singles that year and grew into a full-fledged group in 1997. The initial 60 songs recorded in a Millstadt, Illinois studio supplied the material for the quieter, more emotional ''Navigational'' on Idol Records and the louder, lo-fi ''The Static vs. the Strings, Vol. 1'' on Quality Park Records. Throughout his career, Johnson has had a reputation for being prolific and dynamic. So much so, that he built an entirely separate band, the much quieter side-project, South San Gabriel, named after the San Gabriel river fork north of Austin, Texas. The group consists of the sa...

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Take Pride In Your Long Odds

Redo The Stacks

Candidate Waltz
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