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Born: 1928/10/22
Birth Place: Michigan, U.S.
Genres: Jazz, Brazilian Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Classical Music, Vocal Music

Clare Fischer (born October 22, 1928 in Durand, Michigan) is an American composer, arranger, pianist and organist. His parents were of German, French, Irish-Scot, and English backgrounds. In grade school he started his general music study with violin and tuba as his first instruments. At the age of 7 he began to pick out four-part harmony on the piano. After two years of piano lessons the family moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where 12-year-old Clare began composing classical music and making instrumental arrangements for dance bands. At South High School he took up cello, clarinet and saxophone. His high school instructor, Glenn Litton, took an interest in the boy and, because the family c...

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