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Genres: Rap/Hip Hop, Reggae/Ska, Rock

Cobra is an all-female rock band from Beijing, China. The band formed in 1989, becoming the first all-female rock band in mainland China. With only one album out, they disbanded in the late 1990s. Their style was a gloomy type of blues rock with a slight touch of New Wave dreamscape. Cobra was very popular in the beginning of their career. Group members include Yang Ying, Yu Jin, Wang Xiaofang, and Xiao Nan. They have played at CBGB in New York City.


2 Real 4 Em' V

Full-Court Only Hoopa

In Dreams Of A Rich Shinesta

Money Ain't A Thang

Self-Made Rich

No Work All Play

Des Lieux Associatifs Pour Les Jeunes

Self Made G

In Tha Dreams Of A Rich Malla

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