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Born: 1937
Birth Place: Germany
Years Active: 1960 – Present
Genres: Electronic Music, Krautrock, Kosmische Musik, Ambient Music, Berlin School, New Age

Conrad Schnitzler (b. Düsseldorf, 1937) is a prolific German experimental musician. Schnitzler has been a major, though reclusive, figure on the European music scene since the late 1960s. Schnitzler was an early member of Tangerine Dream (1969–1970) and a founder of the band Kluster. He left Kluster in 1971, first working with his group Eruption and then focusing on solo works. He continued to record from his home studio in Dallgow, Germany, creating CD-Rs which he sells independently. Schnitzler has also participated in several collaborations with other electronic musicians. He recorded ''Acon'' (2001), a somewhat abstract piece, with former bandmate Hans-Joachim Roedelius. His album w...

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