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Birth Place: Columbus, Ohio
Years Active: 2004-present
Genres: R&B, Hip Hop

Fatty Koo is a R&B and Hip-Hop sextet from Columbus, Ohio that made its way into the music industry in 2005. The group consists of members Eddie B, Gabrielle, Josh, Marya, Ron, Valure, Their fame mostly came from their television show on BET, ''Blowin Up: Fatty Koo''. Their debut single, "Bounce (Theme Song)," was released in June of 2005, and their debut album, ''House Of Fatty Koo'', was released on July 12, 2005 by Columbia Records. Fatty Koo has since embarked on their "First Look" tour with, visiting malls and schools across the U.S. Their second single "Chills" has been released on radio, but a video hasn't been made for the single.


House Of Fatty Koo

Bounce (Remixes)

Bounce (Boogaloo Beat - Album)