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Birth Place: Concepción, Chile
Years Active: 1989 - 2000, 2006 - present
Genres: Jazz Rock, Folk, Rockabilly, Hard Rock

Los Tres ("The Three (men)") is a Chilean rock band composed of four, not three, members: a rock/folk singer and 3 jazzmen. It was one of the noted bands in the Chilean nineties, together with La Ley and Lucybell. Los Tres recorded 9 albums during their first period, from 1989 until 2000, starting with ''Los Tres'': a jazz/folk/rock blending, in 1991. The band dissolved in 2000 and its members continued their musical careers in personal projects, during the following five years. In February 2006 Álvaro Henríquez, Ángel Parra, and Roberto Lindl announced the reunion of the band without former drummer Francisco Molina and the recording of their new studio album; ''Hágalo Usted Mismo''.


Viajando Por Chile

Freno De Mano

Los Tres Mtv Unplugged


Hagalo Usted Mismo