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Birth Place: Copenhagen, Denmark
Years Active: 1989–present
Genres: Psychobilly

The Nekromantix are a Danish-American psychobilly band formed in 1989 in Copenhagen, Denmark and currently recording for Hellcat Records. Their music is generally structured around monster and horror themes which are reflected in their album and song titles, lyrics, artwork, and stage show. A central icon of the band's image is bassist/vocalist Kim Nekroman's "coffinbass", a custom-built, very deep double bass with a body in the shape of a coffin and a headstock the shape of a cross. The band has had changing lineups throughout its career, with founder Kim Nekroman as the sole constant member. The current line-up consists of Nekroman, guitarist Franc, and drummer Lux. Throughout the band's f...

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Bats In My Pants

Return Of The Loving Dead

Life Is A Grave & I Dig It

Brought Back To Life

Dead Girls Don't Cry

What Happens In Hell, Stays In Hell


Curse Of The Coffin

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