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Birth Place: Tampa, Florida, United States
Years Active: 1985–1997, 2003–present
Genres: Death Metal

Obituary is an American death metal band formed in 1985 in Tampa, Florida under the name Xecutioner and later renamed to Obituary. The band comprises vocalist John Tardy, drummer Donald Tardy, guitarists Trevor Peres and Ralph Santolla and bassist Frank Watkins. The band is a fundamental act in the development of death metal music and one of the most successful bands in its genre.


Inked In Blood

Inked In Blood (Deluxe Version)

Visions In My Head - Single

The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1989-2005

Frozen In Time (Special Edition)

Xecutioner's Return

Back From The Dead

Cause Of Death (Remastered)


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