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Birth Name: Francisca Viveros Barradas
Born: 1947/04/02
Birth Place: Alto Lucero, Veracruz, Mexico
Years Active: 1970-present
Genres: Ranchera

Paquita la del Barrio ("Franny from the neighborhood") is the stage name of Francisca Viveros Barradas (born April 2, 1947), a Mexican singer of rancheras and other Mexican styles. She was born in Alto Lucero, Veracruz and started her career in Mexico City in 1970. Her songs usually take a stance against Mexico's sexist male culture. This has made her popular among female audiences. Her signature phrase, with which she often teases male spectators in her shows, is "''¿Me estás oyendo, inútil?''" ("Are you listening to me, you good-for-nothing?"). Many of Paquita's albums and songs are jukebox staples in Mexican clubs and cantinas. One of her best known songs is ''Rata de dos patas'' (Eng:...

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