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Birth Place: Los Angeles, California
Years Active: 2005-present
Genres: Electronica

Formed in 2005, Techno Squirrels is a band made up of Ryan Harlin (born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) and Lisa Eriksson (born Lund, Sweden). Both Eriksson and Harlin are sound engineers and producers for Techno Squirrels. Their music has been used in MTV's The Real World (Sydney), The Real World (Hollywood), The Real World vs. Road Rules Challenge, Regenesis (Sci Fi Channel), and on LucasArts' Thrillville 2 soundtrack. Their debut album, Plastic Makes it Possible, was released in August 2007 with two singles (Love Comes First, and Unbelievable). In September 2007, Love Comes First began getting regular rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio and by October of that year it had reached the nu...

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Plastic Makes It Possible

Love Comes First

Om Mani