The Tyde


Birth Place: Los Angeles, California
Died: NULL
Years Active: 2000 - present

The Tyde are an American indie rock group. Tracing their roots to early 1990s LA indie band Further, formed by Darren Rademaker and brother Brent, The Tyde cite Felt, The Beach Boys and The Byrds as major influences. The initial line-up featured Darren Rademaker (vocals, guitars), Darren's ex-wife Anh Do Rademaker (keyboards) and brother Brent Rademaker (bass, vocals) as well as Ben Knight (guitar), Christopher Gunst, Brent's partner in Beachwood Sparks, (drums) and Dave Scher (guitars). Gunst was replaced by Rick Menck of Velvet Crush after debut album ''Once'' while Scher became simply an 'additional musician' for second album ''Twice''.

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Hung Up


Three's Co.
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